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The Application of Kundalini Yoga Therapy to Immune, Viral, and Cancer

March 29, 2020 - April 3, 2020

- $120

Foundation and Principles of Teaching Kundalini Yoga to People with Health Conditions

  • Develop an understanding of the yogic psychology and physiology of illnesses related to the immune and lymphatic systems, cancer and viral conditions. Explore western treatment approaches, contraindications and the application of Kundalini Yoga to support recovery.
  • Level 1 trains us how to teach Kundalini Yoga to healthy people. This course deepens and expands your application of yogic philosophy, technique and habits of conscious living specifically toward health recovery and moves you from thinking like a yoga teacher to thinking like a yoga therapist with specific application to the psychology of health recovery. You will develop assessment skills, understand the process of change and how to plan a course of action with the client. Curriculum for group and private classes are provided.

Yoga teachers who are also health care providers find this training a useful adjunct to clinical practice:

  • Teaching Kundalini Yoga to People with Cancer
  • Incorporate your knowledge and experience as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and gain the specialized skills required to successfully apply Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and yogic habits of healthy living to assist a person with cancer get and stay well.
  • The psychology of health recovery and inclusion of the family for support are addressed. A review of related yoga and meditation research and curriculum for group and private classes are provided. Special attention is given to the personal development of the teacher to engender awareness, intuition, compassion, deep listening, sensitivity, humility, endurance and grace.
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