Do you have students with chronic illness or a life-threatening condition?

Learn how to serve them through Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Level 1 Teacher Training prepares you to teach to healthy people, but you need a different set of skills and a different way of thinking in order to teach Kundalini Yoga therapeutically.

Open to All Kundalini Yoga Teachers



Our Gift to You

Thank you for your support!

Sat Naam Dear Ones,

Your support in 2020 gave us what we needed to meet the challenges of this unpredictable year. With the advent of COVID we transferred all 24 of our courses into their own online format. We started 3 new full Clinical Training groups: one each in Australia, Europe and the US. Kundalini Yoga Teachers from 48 countries now participate in some aspect of training to become Kundalini Yoga Therapists.

Thanks to your generosity, we are in process to add to our accredited training the status of becoming a government approved Professional School. Once in place, our trainees from any country in the world will have access to federally funded student loans, educational grants and scholarships. This is a HUGE milestone.

Your donation gives us the resources to make this possible. Thank you.

In appreciation for the ways you have given to and support the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology, our gift to you is a clip from The Application of Kundalini Yoga Therapy for Immune, Viral and Cancer in which we discuss the Inner Sun Meditation for Prevention of Viral Conditions. Watch our video below to learn more about this meditation and its purpose, and click to download the write up of the meditation.

As we close 2020, my personal thanks goes to our Kundalini Yoga Therapy trainees, to our international faculty, our volunteers, staff, Board of Directors, and to all of the dedicated people working together to manifest our shared mission. I thank each of you for your seva and consciousness of excellence.

May the year and decade ahead bring you and your family good health, joy and deep fulfillment.

With Light, Love and Every Blessing,

Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa, PhD

After the first Kundalini Yoga for Living With Diabetes class my blood glucose went from 120 down to 86! The amazing thing is, each night it has stayed in the 85-87 range. After the first class I showed this result. I am impressed with what a little yoga and meditation can do.

Thank you for lifting us, inspiring us, coaching and mentoring us as teachers to people with health conditions. Bringing Kundalini Yoga into health care has become my personal mission. Thank you for awakening this in me.

Your encouragement and skill in working with me set my healing in motion with effortless grace. Thank you.

Meet Marlysa Sullivan 😍 who will be teaching in "Yoga Therapy for the Structural System". 💪👩‍🏫 She is an Assistant Professor in Yoga Therapy and Integrative Health Sciences at Maryland University of Integrative Health and holds an adjunct position at Emory University, where she teaches the integration of yoga and mindfulness into physical therapy practice in the DPT program.📚 She is the author of "Understanding Yoga Therapy: Applied Philosophy and Science for Well-being and co-editor of Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain", as well as several peer-reviewed articles.🤩 Marlysa has been involved in the professionalization of the field of yoga therapy through the educational standards committee of IAYT, which helped to define the competencies for the field, and in characterizing the yoga therapy workforce through her research. She is also part of the Global Consortium of Yoga Therapy focusing on international collaboration and development of the field. @marlysayoga👉 More information and registration for the course in bio or📅 Yoga Therapy for the Structural SystemMay 13-189 am - 1 pm, Denver5 pm - 9 pm Berlin ... See MoreSee Less
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🤩 Yoga Therapy for the Structural System puts anatomy in motion! Understand how the mechanical and the structural systems of the body interrelate and work through asana, yoga postures, to align body and mind towards health and wellbeing. 😍💪👩‍🏫 Faculty includes Marlysa Sullivan @marlysayoga, Assistant Professor in Yoga Therapy and Integrative Health Sciences at Maryland University of Integrative Health. In This Course You Will Learn:☑️ Understand various contributors to musculoskeletal ailment, injuries and pain such as the manner of breathing and postural and movement habits☑️ Appreciate the different roles of soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and cartilage in musculoskeletal discomforts☑️ Understand the therapeutic application of asana for structural ailments, injuries and pain recovery.☑️ Assess students structurally to create treatment protocols and a yoga program to help bring the body into balance and recovery.📅 Yoga Therapy for the Structural SystemMay 13-189 am - 1 pm, Denver5 pm - 9 pm Berlin👉 Registration link in bio or: ... See MoreSee Less
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