Seven-Wave Sat Nam Meditation

Posture: Sit in easy pose with the spine straight. Place your palms together at the center of your chest with the sides of the thumbs touching your sternum.

Focus: With your eyes closed, look up slightly, focusing on the brow point.

Breath and Mantra: Inhale deeply through your nose, concentrating on the breath. Exhale as you chant the mantra Sat Nam, vibrating the sound of Sat in six waves, with a short Nam being the seventh. Sa – a – a – a – a – a – t Nam.

On each wave, carry the sound through the chakras, or energy centers, beginning at the base of the spine at the rectum.

Continue up to the second center, the genitals; the third center, the navel point; the fourth at the heart; the fifth at the throat; the sixth at the brow point at the forehead; and the seventh at the top of the head.

On Nam, let the energy and sound radiate from the seventh center out the top of your head. Repeat.

Continue for 15 minutes.

End: Inhale deeply through your nose, gently suspend the breath as you listen to the sound resonate in the silence. Exhale and relax.

Comments: This meditation works to clear the mind of painful thought patterns much as the ocean waves wash the shore. Vibrating the sound of Sat Nam in seven waves will lift your energy, clear your mind and open you to a renewed experience of life.

From Kundalini Yoga: Guidelines for Sadhana, by Yogi Bhajan

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