Kundalini Yoga for Releasing Inner Anger

as taught by Yogi Bhajan September 21, 1988

Reprinted with permission from Owner’s Manual for the Human Body compiled by Harijot Kaur Khalsa.

Inner anger blocks you from having a relationship with yourself. This set works on the body system to release us from our inner anger.


1. Lie down flat on your back in a relaxed posture with your arms at your sides, palms up and your legs slightly apart. Pretend to snore. 1 1/2 minutes. (Position not shown.)




2. Still lying on your back, keeping your legs out straight, raise both legs up to 6″ and hold. 2 minutes. This exercise balances anger. It pressurizes the navel to balance the entire system.

3. Remaining in the posture with your legs up at 6″ stick out your tongue and do Breath of Fire* through your mouth. Arms at your side. 1 1/2 minutes.

4. Still lying on your back, lift your legs up to 90 degrees with your arms on the ground by your sides. Begin to beat the ground with all the anger you can achieve. Beat hard and fast. 2 1/2 minutes




5. Still on your back, bring your knees to your chest, and stick your tongue out. Inhale through your open mouth and exhale through your nose. 2 minutes.








6. Come sitting in Celibate Pose with your buttocks on the floor between your heels. Cross your arms over your chest and press them hard against your rib cage. Bend forward and touch your forehead to the floor as if you are bowing. For 2 1/2 minutes move at a pace of approximately 30 bows per minute, and for another 30 seconds speed up and move as fast as you can.

7. Sitting up with your legs straight out in front of you, begin to beat all parts of your body with your open palms. Move fast. 2 minutes. (Position not shown.)







8. Stand up. Bend forward, keeping your back parallel to the ground, and let your arms and hands hang loose. Remain in this posture and sing a mantra or inspirational song for 3 minutes.





9. Come into Cobra Pose, keeping the elbows straight and stretching the spine (still singing). 1 minute. Continue singing and begin circling your neck. 30 seconds.

9a. Still in Cobra Pose begin kicking the ground with alternate feet. 30 seconds.






10. Sit in easy pose and close your eyes. Stretch your arms over your head, keeping the elbows straight, and interlock your fingers with the index fingers pointing straight up. Begin Sat Kriya for 1 minute 15 seconds: inhale Sat, exhale Nam while rhythmically pulling in the navel on the inhale and relaxing on the exhale. 30 times per minute.

11. Lie down in Corpse Pose (flat on back, arms and legs in a straight line, palms facing up) and nap for 15 minutes. (Position not shown.)

Disclaimer: There is no doubt that the practice of yoga has benefited millions of people. However, any therapeutic benefits attributed come from centuries old yogic tradition, and no medical claims are made here. What is written on our website is not intended as medical advice of any kind. Its intent is solely for information and education. Please consult a qualified, licensed health professional whenever the need for one is indicated.