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2023 Aquarian Mental Health Series

October 12, 2023 - June 9, 2024

Aquarian Mental Health Certificate for Kundalini Yoga Teachers We are undergoing a major transformation as we transition into the Aquarian Age. This is when we experience growing emptiness, anxiety, depression, and the after effects of traumatic stress. In ancient times, yogis called this the Grey Period: the 31 years of transition from one age into the new age. As Kundalini Yoga Teachers we have unique methods and a technology to uplift ourselves and others during this transition. Movement through Kriya, breath and mantra are time-tested approaches clinically demonstrated to be effective in helping people reconnect with their body, regain vitality, restore their spirit. In the Aquarian Mental Health Certificate Series, you develop the specific skills a Kundalini Yoga teacher needs to compassionately and effectively serve people with Cold Depression, Anxiety, Depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress. This series includes four key courses:

  • Foundations of Kundalini Yoga Therapy: Principles and Practices
  • Overcoming Cold Depression: Penetrate the Silence of the Soul
  • Transforming Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma Informed Kundalini Yoga for Recovery from Traumatic Stress

In these courses you learn ancient yogic approaches and modern biomedical understanding of each condition and develop key skills for teaching Kundalini Yoga to those facing the challenges of modern times. In between the courses are group mentoring sessions to further your professional development. It includes Polyvagal Video Class with Siri Bhagvati Kaur. Once you complete all four courses, the mentoring sessions, and homework assignments, you receive a certificate of completion in Aquarian Mental Health. In 2023, Foundations, can be taken online in Europe, North and South America time zones.  We will offer Cold Depression, Transforming Anxiety and Depression in 2024. The Trauma Informed course is in-person only, and is offered by our specially trained faculty in Germany, the United States, and Australia. For those who have already taken one or more of the four courses, you can transfer those in and take the mentoring and remaining courses to complete the requirements.

  • Foundations of Kundalini Yoga Therapy: Principles and Practices Online 12-15 October 2023
  • Overcoming Cold Depression: Penetrate the Silence of the Soul       Online 7-10 March 2024
  • Transforming Anxiety and Depression                                                        Online 6-9 June 2024
  • Trauma Informed KY for Recovery from Traumatic Stress In Person Only : dates to be announced

         – Europe, Germany, Atma Jot Kaur  

         – Australia, South East Asia,  Siri Bhagvati.           

         – North America , Shanti Shanti Kaur and Hari Kirin Kaur 

Atma Jot Kaur, our lead faculty in Europe, leads the Aquarian Mental Health Certificate series online in 2023-24. The online sessions are 4 days each, 4 hours each day. Allow for 3.5-4 hours of required independent work outside of online class per day. In order to receive a certificate of completion, participation for full duration of the course–including class discussions and breakout rooms–and completion of homework are required. When on Zoom, camera will be on unless agreed upon with faculty. To register for the whole 2023-24 Aquarian Mental Health Certificate series, click the Registration Button below

Investment:  Early Bird Price $2025 ( Ends September 25) – Regular Price $2550

Register as a Group of 3 or more and save $150 each Contact Sadhana Kaur at: Kundaliniyogatherapy@grdcenter.org

You can take any of these courses individually. Note that this option does not include Aquarian Mental Health Certificate. Find out more at https://www.grdcenter.org/events/

Save $150 for every course if you take the whole series !!!  $2025 early/$2,550 regular
Mentoring included in price/receive Aquarian Mental Health Certificate. Early rate ends September 25th

Questions? Contact Sadhana Kaur at Kundaliniyogatherapy@grdcenter.org

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