Why Kundalini Yoga Therapy? Sat Bir Singh, PhD, Explains…

Sat Naam, As a board member of the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine & Humanology, I represent and promote research on Kundalini Yoga as a therapeutic intervention. I am also a Harvard Medical School […]

Help Ukrainian KY Teachers Repair Lives

Sat Naam, The Guru Ram Das Center has begun cooperative conversations to conduct scientific research on the Kundalini Yoga Therapy Protocols being taught by the Ukrainian teachers we’re training. Guru Ram Das Center board member, Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, […]

Overcome Cold Depression

2023 Year End Gift  Sat Naam,  It is my prayer that 2023 brought you creativity, joy, fulfillment, and the resources you need to meet every challenge in your life. […]

Ukrainian KY Teachers Need Your Help!

Sat Naam, With your help, we’re building on the therapeutic trainings begun in June of this year, offering specialized trauma responsive training and protocols to Ukrainian Kundalini Yoga teachers into […]