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Upcoming Courses
The Elements and Alchemy of Kundalini Yoga
Date: 12/01/2015
Millis, Massachusetts

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Overcoming Cold Depression and Burnout
Date: 02/04/2016
Stockholm, Sweden

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"This is to thank you for the Applied Psychology of Death and Dying course. I used what we learned about death and dying every day during a recent family crisis. The concrete practices you shared were incredibly helpful. Just having a toolbox made all the difference. The transformation of my own feelings/beliefs about dying was equally important, as it allowed me to be more present with (and deeply curious about) my ill family memberís experience and less preoccupied with my own reactions. Thank you."

– J.K., Madison, WI

Founded as a non-profit organization by Yogi Bhajan, the long-term mission of the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine & Humanology is to bring the techniques of Kundalini Yoga as a treatment modality into the health care field, just as other methods—such as acupuncture and chiropractic services—have been integrated in the recent past. Read more here >


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Become a Certified Kundalini Yoga TherapistInternational Kundalini Yoga Therapy Professional Training

Introducing the first three courses in the 1,000 hour International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Professional Training. These three courses are open to Kundalini Yoga Therapists in training and Kundalini Yoga teachers. Those Kundalini Yoga teachers who are in the integrative healing arts will find these courses especially useful.

Full enrollment in the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Professional Training includes an integrated sequence of 14 in person and 7 online segments, clinical supervision and personal development practice. The International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Professional Training is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Yoga Therapy is an emerging field and a new career option. For more information on Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training or any of the first three segments, click to view the brochure on upcoming courses, or contact Ravi Har Kaur via email or call (505) 753-4692. 

Elements and Alchemy, Los Angeles

Professional Training Segment — The Elements and Alchemy of Kundalini Yoga

2015, December 1 - 6 – Millis, Massachusetts

Discover, explore and experience how each unique element of Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice works and how these elements together form an alchemy of transformation.

  • Mantra and movement as the basis of health recovery
  • The role and application of Kundalini Yoga technologies: drishti, mudra, bhanda, pranayama, mantra, asana, kriya, meditation and bhavana.
  • How each of these technologies impact the five main prana vayus, the nadis, chakras, tattwas, gunas, and each the 10 bodies.
  • Meridians and fascia and their function in asana and kriya.
  • Asana, bhanda, mudra, drishti, mantra, pranayam and kriya in relationship to meridian flow and function.
  • The synergistic effects of Kundalini Yoga and meditation technologies and their application to health recovery.
  • The impact of thought and belief on health recovery including hope, development of habits and penetrating the influence of karmas and samskaras

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