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How Yoga Works: The Scientific Foundations
Date: 05/09/2017

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Exploring Evidence-Based Yoga Research: What Constitutes Good Yoga Therapy Research?
Date: 06/28/2017

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"Over the past year, I have almost complete healing; 85 percent of my strength is back. I have a regular but short meditation practice and am getting motivated to do some yoga. Thank you for your help. The yoga and meditation have brought big improvement. Blessings and Sat Nam."

– S.E., New Hampshire

When we started teaching Kundalini Yoga to people with chronic or life-threatening illness in 1986, we had the personal guidance and support of Yogi Bhajan. He instructed me to uncover "the mental mentality" of health conditions in order to reach the root of health recovery. Use these articles, Practitioner Q&A and Kriyas and meditations to begin your path as a practitioner or for self help.

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