Ukrainian KY Teachers Need Your Help!

Sat Naam,

With your help, we’re building on the therapeutic trainings begun in June of this year, offering specialized trauma responsive training and protocols to Ukrainian Kundalini Yoga teachers into 2024.

In each training, teachers gain life changing skills to serve those experiencing specific trauma such as Loss of Limb and Traumatic Brain Injury in military settings throughout the country.

The Ukrainian Teachers need your help!

With the enormous need for therapeutic protocols, the scope of Resourcing Ukrainian Resilience is shaping up to be a three-to-five year initiative as we offer continued training and ongoing support for each individual teacher.

It costs $7,500 to develop and deliver each protocol. Your donation of any size supports the Resourcing Ukrainian Resilience initiative and ensures that groundbreaking trauma responsive Kundalini Yoga reaches those impacted by the war to restore stability, endurance & resilience.

Will you help?

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