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Your gift to support the Resourcing Ukrainian Resilience initiative fosters peace and healing when the Kundalini Yoga teachers we train bring their skills, knowledge, and compassion into military settings.

The resourceful core team of Ukrainian Kundalini Yoga teachers bring specific Trauma Responsive Kundalini Yoga Therapy protocols throughout Ukraine.

They serve women and children in military families, troops in military rehabilitation, those recovering from traumatic brain injury, amputees, and special forces.

Their work has real value to support healing and a return to wholeness, and I consider myself fortunate to be part of the efforts to prepare teachers in the skills of Trauma Responsive Kundalini Yoga Therapy.

Your gift makes this possible. Thank you.

In 2024, our outreach expands to an additional 127 Ukrainian Kundalini Yoga teachers. Thank you for being a part of this urgent effort.

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How you’re making a difference…

Of the participants who consistently showed up and did the home practice, their PTSD went from very high to having NO PTSD after 8 weeks. I am very happy to have seen such amazing changes and look forward to see how they do at follow-up. It was also so rewarding to see the personal growth and the changes they were making in their lives. I am so happy to be doing this work. Thank you for getting me—and my students — to this place! 

I have just started teaching a small class of people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They have already felt the benefits. Two ladies are in their sixties with incredible life stories, one with a disintegrating spine in constant pain, the other is transforming so fast it is like watching a flower unfolding. 

It is the last week of my first the trauma recovery course I taught using the curriculum you trained us in.  I want to share with you a little feedback. A friend’s husband has been doing the course as well as having therapy for the past 9 weeks.  She told me today that it is like she has the man back she married 18 years ago. She said that since he has been doing his weekly class, he has been able to find himself and who he is and from that he has been able to shine, something she hasn’t seen in a long time. Thanks you for sharing this technology with us all.