Research on the Psychology of Health Recovery and Pauri Kriya

2022 Year End Gift

Sat Naam Dear Ones,

To express our gratitude, our 2022 Year End Gift to you features Pauri Kriya, a meditation practice that is not published anywhere else.

Pauri Kriya was the first meditation from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga to have a body of research developed around it. It has been the studied protocol for 3 different doctoral dissertations, including the research I did on strengthening self-efficacy in people who are HIV positive.

Self-efficacy can be defined as the belief that what you do makes a difference and has been shown to benefit behavior change, quality of social interactions, and immune function. Strong self-efficacy is essential in making and maintaining social support and health behavior changes and is a significant co-factor in recovering from a serious or chronic health condition.

The belief that what you do makes a difference is not the same as holding an intention. In fact, this belief makes your intention stronger.

Self-efficacy beliefs can be enhanced and research shows that the practice of Pauri Kriya is an effective method. For this reason, Pauri Kriya is included in every Kundalini Yoga Therapy protocol, no matter what the condition.

And now we share this with you in the video, Research on the Psychology of Health Recovery: Pauri Kriya.

We are filled with excitement for the new year ahead. May good health, joy, and fulfillment bless you and your loved ones in 2023.

With All Gratitude,
Shanti Shanti Kaur
And the Guru Ram Das Center Team

P.S. Even those who are well can benefit from practicing Pauri Kriya. Once you have decided to change a habit of any kind, include Pauri Kriya along with your new behavior and notice how
strengthening self-efficacy helps you make and keep the change you want. I welcome your comments on how this works for you and your students. Reach out to me at


Download Pauri Instructions Here