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INSTILL Conference, Yoga, Education and Wellbeing 2016
Date: 07/08/2016
London, UK

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Overcoming Cold Depression
Date: 07/15/2016
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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"Your chapter in the book, Kundalini Rising, on ‘Healing Through the 3 Channels’ was so impactful in my understanding of the role of kundalini energy and prana on health recovery. I had no idea how this worked and your clear, simple explanations make sense to me. Wow."

– P.V., Little Rock, AR

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If you or someone you care about has a health condition and you would like to inquire about using Kundalini Yoga Therapy as a tool for healing, please understand that that will require a 50 minute phone/Skype consultation with Shanti Shanti Kaur.  The fee for that is $150, payable via credit card at the time of the call.  We cannot reply to this type of inquiry by email as there are too many factors that must be taken into consideration.  If you would like to pursue scheduling a consultation, please go ahead and contact us here and let us know that you would like to schedule. Please include a sentence or two about the person and his or her health condition, and your relationship to that person. Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

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